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Carlos Martinez is very proud of his paper cup pyramid, and won't let Michael Wacha destroy it

Wacha threatens to knock over Martinez's cup pyramid

You may think that Carlos Martinez is merely one of the best pitchers in the National League. But no, Carlos Martinez is much more than that. Carlos Martinez is an artist, and the world is his canvas. Where others see the mundane, he sees beauty and inspiration -- behold his latest masterpiece, "Paper Cup Pyramid," cups in dugout, 2015.

Martinez cup pyramid

Alas, true brilliance is never properly appreciated in its own time. Like so many misunderstood geniuses before him, Martinez found his latest work under constant assault -- from one of his own teammates, no less. Fellow Cardinals starter Michael Wacha, it appears, cares nothing for what is good and pure in this world. He knows only destruction:

Wacha Martinez dugout

Thankfully, Martinez was ever-vigilant, and his testament to the human spirit remained standing -- for now. 

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