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After failing to catch routine fly ball, Mike Trout atones for mistake with great diving catch

Trout gets yelled at, says sorry with diving catch

We do a lot of talkin' 'round these here parts about Mike Trout being the best baseball player on the planet, but that doesn't make him infallible. 

Trout made an uncharacteristic mistake on Tuesday night when he and Angels right fielder Kole Calhoun miscommunicated in the outfield and allowed a would-be out to fall in for a double.

When they got back to the dugout for the bottom of the inning, Angels starter Jered Weaver, um ... (How can we put this delicately?) ... voiced his frustration:

The funny part is that the scolding apparently worked because Trout atoned for his mistake the very next inning by not miscommunicating on a ball lined into the left-center field gap:

Yeah, we'd say he redeemed himself.

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