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Happy birthday, Mom: Mike Trout homers twice on his mother's birthday

Trout homers twice on his mother's birthday

It's always hard to find what gift to get your mother for her birthday. After all, there comes a time when you've run out of books about regency-era romances, things that candles can smell like, and nearby spas you can buy gift certificates for. 

That's not a problem that Mike Trout has. After all, as the most talented ballplayer within this, and likely any other, galaxy, he can offer up sweet professional baseball-y things. Like homers and stuff. Which he did in the Angels 7-3 win against the Mariners on Friday night. 

After hitting a single in the first inning, Trout came to bat in the third inning with two runners on. The reigning MMVP (Mom's Most Valuable Player) hammered his 25th home run of the season to straight-away center. At this point, his mother probably thought those were all of her gifts, especially considering that this ball flew a Statcast™-estimated 426.88 feet with a 109 mph exit velocity. 


But Trout wasn't done -- he had one more surprise. In the top of the seventh, Trout again homered. This one earns even more difficulty points as the center fielder deposited the ball deep into the seats to the opposite field. 

Turns out, Trout's always turned turned it up a notch for Mom. 

Though he started slow, going 0-for-3 on July 10, 2011, we can probably excuse that considering that it was only his third game in the Majors. After not playing the next year, Trout followed that up with a 3-for-5 performance with two doubles, one RBI and one stolen base in 2013. 

And then last year, Trout went 4-for-5 with one dinger, four RBIs and three runs scored. 

Including Friday's 3-for-5, two dinger, four RBI performance, Trout is 10-for-18 with three home runs, nine RBIs, seven runs and a stolen base on his mother's birthday. Even by Trout's non-humanoid standards, that's pretty impressive. It's also a 122-home run pace across a full season. 

Though I do feel bad for his brother, Tyler. That gift card to Chuck's Family Steakhouse and Grill Hut really isn't going to look great in comparison. 

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