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Mike Trout harnesses the power of hugs to both rob and hit a homer

It's not strange to feel a strong pull toward Mike Trout. To want to hug him. To squeeze him. To pucker up your lips and kiss him. I mean, when he does things like this:




How can you not? 

Jered Weaver gave into that feeling on Saturday. After grabbing a fan's "Kiss me" sign, Weaver held it aloft in the dugout. Because it wasn't the right-hander's birthday (his is on Oct. 4), he had to make do with a hug. But a big bear hug of one. 

Weaver hug

Turns out that Trout may actually be powered by the transformative embraces. Which isn't all that shocking. Scientists already know hugs alleviate existential fears and lower the heart rate, among a number of other health benefits. 

With his body in a warm, post-squeeze mood, the center fielder went onto the field and robbed Alex Guerrero of a home run: 

Trout catch

Before coming to the plate in the fifth inning to do this:


If hugs are the secret to Trout's abilities, scientists and Disney-film producers will surely want to study the MVP. After all, if a hug can turn a mere mortal into a career .305/.395/.549 hitter at the age of 23, just imagine what kind of uses hugs could have in a medical or educational setting. 

I mean, hugs are already a big part of Clayton Kershaw's routine, too, and he's the most dominant pitcher on the planet.

Trout hugs