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Mike Trout is the perfect muse for some fantastic fan art

Mike Trout's greatness inspires fantastic fan art

Signs an MLB player is doing pretty well:

1. He's an All-Star in three of his first four seasons.

2. He is runner-up two years in a row before unanimously winning American League MVP in his fourth season.

3. He inspires hand-drawn fan art.

Finally, Mike Trout can check all three of those boxes. To prove it, Trout shared this impressive piece by a young fan on Instagram:

Thanks for the drawing little buddy !! #ANGELS

A photo posted by Mike Trout (@miketrout) on

Whoever drew this intricately detailed portrait is clearly a huge Trout fan -- and a burgeoning talent in his or her own right.

We were so impressed with the picture in fact, that we were inspired to try our hand at our own Trout fan art. Let's just say we could not muster the same level of accuracy:



(Thanks to's Travis Miller for that snazzy second drawing.)

Though I must give credit to my colleague Michael Clair's rather unique artistic interpretation of Trout's varied abilities (and I won't point out that he made Trout a lefty):


What do you say -- is Mike Trout the muse you need to break out the colored pencils? 

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