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It's Mike Trout's 24th birthday, so let's stack him up against some all-time greats

Trout turns 24, let's look at all he's accomplished

Michael Nelson Trout. Mikey T. Michael, Michael, Motor (All-Star) Cycle. The Fish God!

However you address him, the 23-year-old reigning AL MVP turns 24 on Friday. Crazily enough, Trout has already been in the league for five years. In honor of his day of birth, we wanted to see how he stacks up against some of the game's all-time greats before the age of 24. Get ready to be in awe and possibly feel a little bit guilty about how you spent your early-20s ...

130 home runs

He's tied with Frank Robinson for fourth all-time -- only Eddie Matthews (153), Mel Ott (153) and Ken Griffey Jr. (132) had more. Although none of them could probably hit into a fishing net more than 400 feet away:

288 extra-base hits

Only Ott (342), Griffey (317), Ted Williams (300), Alex Rodriguez (293) and Jimmie Foxx (290) tallied more by the same age. 

100+ home runs/125+ doubles/25+ triples

Only Foxx (116/126/48), Ott (153/159/30), Williams (127/154/33) and Hank Aaron (110/125/35) join Trout (130/130/28) through the same age. He also became the youngest ever to 100 homers/100 steals earlier this year at 23 years and 251 days old, just edging out A-Rod at 23 years and 309 days.


375+ RBIs/425+ runs 

Trout (375/449) is just the seventh player to rack up these kinds of numbers before age 24. The others on the list include Ott (608/582), Foxx (667/612), Williams (515/541), Al Kaline (445/510), Mickey Mantle (575/642) and A-Rod (463/493).

100+ steals/1250+ total bases

Only Ty Cobb (254/1327), Cesar Cedeno (205/1266) and A-Rod (118/1417) had more than Trout (112/1265). I mean, with slides like this ...

650+ hits/300+ walks 

His 689 hits and 320 walks rank sixth behind Foxx (710/344), Williams (714/470), Mantle (719/412), Griffey (832/318) and Ott (895/462).

3 All-Star Game starts

It's the most ever, tied with Griffey, Williams, Ivan Rodriguez, Mantle, Kaline, Joe DiMaggio and Rod Carew -- proving he's not only really good, but also very popular.

Home runs robbed: Roughly 25,000

Including this gem back in 2012:

Home runs hit on Mom's birthday: 3

He's actually 10-for-18 over the years on the special day and this year he decided to hit two.


Adrian Beltre head-touches: 1

If you know anything about Adrian Beltre, once is a near-impossible feat.


Young baseball fans inspired: Millions

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