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This week in Minor League Baseball promotions: Middle children get the spotlight, FOR ONCE

MiLB promotion celebrates middle children, FOR ONCE

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes and most importantly, Minor League promotions.'s Ben Hill has the inside scoop on the last of those certainties, and he'll be sharing a taste with us and you each and every week. Check out a unique upcoming promo below and read his full recap of the week's best promotions right here. You can follow Ben on Twitter @Bensbiz.

Wednesday, Aug. 12, is a holiday that you've most likely spent your whole life ignoring: Middle Child's Day.

Minor League Baseball teams across the country are doing their part to honor these oft-neglected children, however, lifting them from the shadows cast by their take-charge elder sibling and spoiled younger one. On Wednesday, the Bowie Baysox, Bowling Green Hot Rods and Lakewood BlueClaws are all staging "Middle Child Appreciation Night."

These promotions, and dozens of a similar ilk that have been held over the last two seasons, are all thanks to the near-maniacal outreach efforts of middle child advocate Bruce Hopman. In addition to being the author of the "Smack Dab" (as in, "in the middle") blog, Hopman is the union boss of the International Middle Child Union (IMCU), founder of the Middle Child Party and the commissioner of Middle League Baseball.


"It is my obligation to make sure that people are aware of 'Middle Child Day,'" he told me, in an interview conducted last season that was, of course, ignored. "No one knows it exists, and it's just not fair. It's like they gave us a holiday just so they can ignore it!"  

The BlueClaws' iteration of this promotion includes a "ceremonial second pitch" thrown out by a middle child, as well as an on-field photo session including all members of the team who are themselves middle children.

"Make it a day to remember in a lifetime of forgettable days for the middle child in your life!" said the BlueClaws in a press release, displaying a somewhat unsettling enthusiasm.

The Baysox, meanwhile, are asking middle children to print out an IMCU membership card. This can then be redeemed for a $5 ticket discount at the box office.


"It's only fitting that this is happening on a Wednesday," said Baysox promotions manager Chris Rogers. "It's like the forgotten Middle Child of the Week!"

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