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Watch Minnie Minoso hit a single into left field at the age of 50

Watch Minnie Minoso hit a single as a 50 year old

On Sept. 12, 1976, Minnie Minoso was 50 years old. He hadn't recorded a hit in 12 years -- you know, like a typical 50-year-old former MLB player -- before White Sox owner Bill Veeck brought Minoso out of retirement for three games in the middle of September.

On Sept. 11, he went 0-for-3. Then, in his second game that season, just a couple of months shy of his 51st birthday, Minoso knocked a pitch into left field.


Repeat: HE WAS 50 YEARS OLD. The list of players to get a hit after turning the big 5-0 is … not long. With his single, he became the fourth-oldest person to ever record one, and he did it in the White Sox's beautiful collared uniforms.

It ended up being the final hit of Minoso's career, though he had a pair of at-bats in 1980. For reference, the oldest player to record a hit in MLB this season is the 42-year-old Bartolo Colon. Jamie Moyer came close to matching Minoso's feat in 2012, recording a single at the age of 49.

But watching Minoso, who passed away earlier this year, get a hit at 50 -- that's something else.  

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