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Minor League manager rips off half his uniform during epic post-ejection tirade

Ejected Minor League manager slides home, undresses

Getting tossed from a game is the sports version of performance art and Joe Mikulik is baseball's Marina Abramovic. You might recall Mikulik's notable demonstrations of talent like in 2006 - when he tried to throw second base into right field and buried home plate. Or the time in 2012 when he ripped third base off its peg and gave it to a fan seated down the left-field line.

Well, time is a flat circle and everything we've seen we'll see again. Mikulik is managing the Class A Myrtle Beach Pelicans this season and he was rather displeased with a call in Sunday's game. Mikulik imitates his player's slide into home for the umpire (twice!) before taking off his shoes and shirt and leaving them near the plate.


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