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This week in Minor League Baseball promotions: Enjoy every MiLB promotion on one night

Lake Elsinore Storm host madcap 'Everything Night''s Ben Hill has the inside scoop on all of the awesome Minor League promotions happening this year, and he'll be sharing a taste with us and you each and every week. Check out a unique upcoming promo below and read his full recap of the week's best promotions right here. You can follow Ben on Twitter @Bensbiz.

The Lake Elsinore Storm's 70th and final home game of the season will be a crazy and virtually infinite amalgam of the 69 that preceded it.

Thursday is Everything Night at the Storm's home of The Diamond, a night that boasts the tagline of "Every Promotion. One Year. All Night." If the Storm did it at any point in 2015, then they'll attempt to do it again on Thursday. The evening includes - but is certainly not limited to -- $3 margaritas, $2 tacos, $1 beer, free all-you-can-eat-hot dogs (while supplies last) free tickets for military members, a post-game run around the bases and, of course, fireworks. Leftover giveaway items, true to their name, will be given away at the gate. Wearing costumes related to any previous theme night is encouraged and, sure, go ahead and bring your dog.

Anything goes, and it will all make sense while not making any sense. Are you a fan of both '80s movies and fleeting pop star controversies? Then go ahead and lick a donut while doing the truffle shuffle. Or, if you're a budget oenophile with an affinity for body building, then show up as "Ah-Nold" and indulge in the team's on-site wine tasting. Everything goes.


There is one promo that will not be incorporated into "Everything Night," however, as it is the antithesis of everything that it stands for. Each season, the Storm host Nothing Night, in which they simply open their doors and host a night of free, no-frills baseball. The team notes that "Nothing Night does not apply to Everything Night," a notion leading to abstract philosophical queries that we can now ponder throughout the long, cold Minor League Baseball offseason soon to come.

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