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Magician, Aquarist, Wind turbine: Non-MLB alternatives for this year's top free agents

Non-MLB alternatives for this year's top free agents

With free agency beginning to take shape, there are now number of top MLB players without a club to call home and a lot of teams hoping to add talent to their rosters. In other words, it's going to be a fun offseason. But, you know, being free agents means these players can technically take any job. There's nothing saying they have to work on a baseball diamond, after all. 

So, what if this year's free agent class was interested in a few non-MLB options? Who knows, maybe these contractless players want to take their talents outside of baseball. If so, we've compiled some alternative career paths for a few of the top players on this year's market. Though we're pretty sure they'll stick to baseball. 

Yoenis Cespedes: Magician

He can turn any object weightless, and make his body parts disappear. Thousands of people are already flocking to ballparks for that -- seems like a pretty easy transition to the stage. Who knows, maybe Yo can get Cris Angel to open for him.


Johnny Cueto: Aerobics Instructor

Some 40 years after Tae Bo, "Cue-to" could be America's next work out craze. Half-dance, half-fastball. 


Chris Davis: Wind turbine 

Young led MLB with 47 home runs this season. Two seasons ago, he led with 53. It's safe to say his swing is pretty powerful, and he could probably put that to good use by powering the entire eastern seaboard. And, if he needed to generate wind too, his league-leading 208 strikeouts would help in that area.


Alex Gordon: Stunt double

Clearly, Gordon has no problem putting his body in harm's way on the job. Let's check out his audition reel:


Uh-huh, anything else?


Yes, he'll be great for the upcoming feature film "People Running and Jumping with Explosions Behind Them III."

Daniel Murphy: Revolutionary War reenactor

Maybe it's the beard, but Murphy looks like he'd fit right in at reenacted Valley Forge. 


Jeff Samardzija: Aquarist

You know, so Samardzija could spend his days with his fellow sharks. 


Justin Upton: Actor

Pulling a trading deadline prank, Upton gave one of the best acting performances of 2015. You get Steven Spielberg to direct, and this wins an Oscar.