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CornBrett Gardner and 10 more MLB-inspired things to cook this Thanksgiving

Actual MLB games may be over, but that just means it's time for Hot Stove season … as in, it's time to fire up that big appliance in your kitchen and cook Thanksgiving dinner. But don't worry, baseball will be with you. Here are 11 MLB-inspired dishes you should make this year. 

Green Bean CasseRollins

Topped with FunYuniel Escobars, of course.



Succotash is thought by many to have been served at the first Thanksgiving. Make it with sweet corn, some shell beans, tomatoes, or even your favorite kind of bell pepper. It's versatile, just like the Mariners catcher.



Alexei Yamarista

Yams, traditionally made with marshmallows, are basically like s'mores without graham crackers and chocolate. You could say the same about Padres utility player Alexi Amarista, in that he also contains none of those ingredients.



CranTerry Collins Sauce

Homemade cranberry sauce is delicious if you can do it Wright.



CornBrett Gardner

If you're lucky, you might just open your oven to find an apparition of a Yankees outfielder in your baked goods.



A.J. Pecan Pie-zynski

This pie will protect your plate from that weird fruitcake Aunt Zelda is trying to put on it.



PumKinsler Cookies

Dip them in an after-dinner Dixon Macchiato! 


Don't worry -- we may have skipped straight to dessert, but that doesn't mean we forgot what the Thanksgiving feast is all about -- giant roast fowl. Oh, and being grateful or whatever. But that bird needs some company on the plate.



Stuffing Gosewich

Does this side dish have the most fun name to say? It's up there with Kevin QuackenButternut Squash.



Gravy Sizemore

This gravy will go really well with your pièce de résistance:



Kevin TurKiermaier

You can also make leftover sandwiches the next day! Be sure to serve them with a side of …




Like Botticelli's Venus rises from the ocean, so Clayton Kershaw emerges from a sea of cabbage. Does anything say "Thanksgiving" more? 

OK, OK, fine, yes, the turkey pun does.