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On Frank Sinatra's 100th birthday, here's some of Ol' Blue Eyes' finest baseball photos

Frank Sinatra's best MLB photos on his 100th birthday

Sure, he's the voice behind "New York, New York," but Frank Sinatra's impact on America's pastime goes far beyond the Bronx. From the Big Apple to L.A., the Chairman of the Board was a baseball fan wherever he went. I mean, just look at this face:

Sinatra Dodgers

And so, on what would be his 100th birthday, we're celebrating with some of his finest MLB photos.

Sinatra wore many different hats over the years -- he once magically healed Leo Durocher's hand through the sheer power of song:

Sinatra Durocher

And served as personal equipment manager to Phil Rizzuto, who undoubtedly never made an error again:

Rizzuto Sinatra

Noted music connoisseur Tommy Lasorda even let him hang out as manager for the day:

Lasorda Sinatra

More traditionally, he serenaded the crowd at a benefit exhibition at Ebbets Field: 

Sinatra sing

It wasn't just the Dodgers, though. Never one to discriminate against the other boroughs, Sinatra spent plenty of time hanging out with Willie Mays, Willie McCovey and the Giants:

Sinatra Giants

Oh, and Joe Dimaggio, too. You know, casual.

Sinatra Dimaggio

But easily the most iconic moment in the collaboration between Sinatra and baseball came just a few years ago, when he was spotted putting on an impromptu performance in San Francisco:

Lincecum Sinatra

OK, OK, fine -- clearly that's a fake cigarette.