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Celebrate Thanksgiving with your favorite MLB players

Celebrate Thanksgiving with your favorite MLB players

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with all the people you love the best -- your friends, your family, and of course, your favorite Major League Baseball players. And they all want to celebrate with you:

#HappyThanksgiving. #FelizDiaDeAccionDeGracias. Agradecido con Dios y la vida por Tantas Bendiciones!!

A photo posted by Felix Hernandez (@therealkingfelix34) on

They have plenty to be thankful for:

At least two are thankful for the Holy Grail of holidays:

Turkey, mashed potatoes and birthday cake? Yes, please:

In fact, they might even be thankful for you:

They want to show you their food:

Or whatever Evan Longoria thinks this is:

And they want to give you some Thanksgiving advice:

Advice closely followed by some:

And not so much by others. And by others, we specifically mean Alex Wood:

Should have listened to Sonny. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.