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Mookie Betts flies through Rubik's Cube, confirms that he can in fact do anything

Mookie Betts is way too smart for a Rubik's Cube

Just a month into his first full big league season, Mookie Betts has already stolen the hearts of New Englanders everywhere. For starters, he's a 5-foot-9 center fielder named Mookie, so he came in with some good will. But then he started flying around all over the diamond, doing a little bit of everything and walking the Red Sox off with dramatic wins. 

And now, just to prove that it's Mookie's world and we're all just living in it, Betts casually breezed his way through a Rubik's Cube like he was making his morning coffee:

Mookie Betts Rubik's Cube

Note: GIF has been sped up, so this isn't in real time (... at least we think). 

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