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Munenori Kawasaki breaks down his keys to an ALCS victory in yet another legendary interview

Kawasaki breaks down keys to ALCS: 'Don't think'

Life is a complex quagmire of things like tax codes, bizarre one-way streets and trying to set up your Internet router. Fortunately, baseball is simpler. And while we like to complicate it at times, it really comes down to a number of very routine actions that have been done for over a hundred years. 

Blue Jays utilityman and hero of the people Munenori Kawasaki knows this. When asked about what the team needed to do in the ALCS, Kawasaki didn't talk about reading astral charts or using Keynesian economics (I don't actually know what those are) or whatever it is baseball players do to prepare, but rather that the team shouldn't think. 

Instead, they need to "Just swing. Just throw. Just catch. Don't think, everybody. Just win." 

It's a catchy slogan. 

But Kawasaki wasn't done. When talking to CBC News, Kawasaki at first began to recite his ABCs before giving his version of his newscast anchor greeting. At least we know he has a future in Canadian broadcasting when his career is done.  

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