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NA-CHO BALL: Fan holding snacks makes awesome drive-by catch

Let's break this down:

OK, first up, we have the trajectory of the ball. It looks like it hits a step or something and shoots high into the air, changing this from a routine foul catch to a weird pop-up. As often happens in a pop-up, there's uncertainty as to who should field it.


Look at that catch. My dude here manages to get a little hop in and just keeps on walking, nachos in tow, like it ain't no thang.


Now, this is the best part. Yellow Hoodie Bro is NOT HAPPY. He got totally Bartman'd and he goes full-on Moises Alou on our protagonist. Meanwhile, Nacho guy couldn't be happier -- he got a foul ball and looked fly doing it.

Did he gloat? Maybe a little.


-- Dakota Gardner /

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