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The White Sox put Nancy Faust's organ up for auction and the winner was the Red Sox organist

Red Sox organist wins auction for Nancy Faust's organ

Nancy Faust is an organist legend. She provided the soundtrack to White Sox games for 40 years before retiring in 2010, and when she did, the team threw her a departing "Faust Fest." She even has the indisputable mark of greatness, her very own bobblehead:


That sort of mystique extends to the organist's instrument -- in this case, Faust's personal organ. So it was a big deal when the White Sox put it up for bids at their annual Holiday Sale charity auction on Saturday. 

 A really big deal:

Fortunately, it ended up with someone who appreciates its place in history: Fenway Park organist Josh Kantor.

Which means it's staying in the ballpark organist family. 

While it probably won't replace his Fenway organ, according to Kantor, you can be sure he'll find an excellent use for the organ. After all, if there's anyone who can take good care of it, it's a fellow baseball musician. 

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