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Revel in the generosity of humanity with these GIFs of fans adorably giving away foul balls

Remember the fans who gave away foul balls in 2015

The holiday season is many things to many people: The blessed period when your ugly Christmas sweater becomes slightly less ironic; the annual eating of entirely too much ham; the filmsiest possible excuse to rewatch "Die Hard." 

But, above all, the holidays are a time for giving. And, if possible, regiving -- because if one gift is good, surely two is better. And so, on National Regifting Day, we're celebrating the MLB fans who displayed their generosity in 2015 by giving up their very own souvenirs. 

Like this fan, who waited three years to snag a foul ball at Kauffman Stadium, and still offered it up to a little kid:

Royals fan

Or this A's fan, who gifted a neighbor with a foul ball ... only to be almost immediately repaid with a foul ball of his own:

A's fan

Ryan Braun even got into the act, handing a young Reds fan a souvenir not once, but twice, in the true spirit of Christmas: 

Braun fan

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young once instructed us to teach our children well, and the good people of Houston clearly took that message to heart. Even at a young age, Astros fans recognize the golden rule of foul ball etiquette -- always give the thing to someone younger than you, even when you're a kid.

Astros kids

The same can also be said for Detroit, where one mini-Verlander could hardly believe the kindness of his fellow young fan.

Detroit fan

And yet, all of these heartwarming displays must place second behind the fans at Great American Ball Park. For on April 27, the fates aligned, and we were treated to not one, but two giveaways on the very same foul ball. 

Reds fans

Here's to a similarly classy 2016, fans. And remember: There's no gift like the gift of kindness. Well, except game-used baseballs. Those are probably even cooler.