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Nationals break out secret weapon in Game 3 win over Giants. Spoiler alert: It's a bunt

Nationals break out secret weapon in Game 3: A bunt

Sacrifice bunts may not be flashy and they may not be well-liked in some circles of the baseball media, but they've been front-and-center this postseason. 

The Royals relied on four bunts and seven stolen bases to win their Wild Card Game against the A's. In Game 2 of the ALDS, Mike Moustakas followed his game-winning home run with a bunt against the shift. 

On Monday, with the Nationals down two games to none against the Giants in the NLDS, Washington broke the scoreless tie with a bunt. This was not just any bunt, but a two-strike bunt by Wilson Ramos -- a man who hadn't sacrificed himself since 2011.

Madison Bumgarner fielded the ball and tried to get the lead runner at third base. Unfortunately, despite making a series of wonderful throws from the mound to the plate all afternoon, this one got away from the left-hander. 


The bunt not only gave the Nationals a 2-0 lead, but it ended Bumgarner's streak of 15 consecutive scoreless innings that started with his complete game shutout against the Pirates in the NL Wild Card Game. 

After Asdrubal Cabrera singled home Ramos, Washington went to the magical bunt wellspring again. But this time Pablo Sandoval was ready: 


It was already too late though, the bunt had done its job. The Nationals would go on to win, 4-1, ensuring that there would be a Game 4 to be played on Tuesday. 

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