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Nats fans use Phish chant to cheer catcher Wilson Ramos

If you caught a Seattle Seahawks game last season (or if you've ever traveled around the country selling grilled cheeses out your backpack at Phish shows), you might recognize a chant that's catching on in D.C. this postseason.

Nationals fans have started cheering for the team's starting catcher, Wilson Ramos, by repurposing the classic chant used at Phish concerts for the past two decades. (The concept is pretty simple: every time Phish starts to play their song "Wilson", Phish fans chant, "WIL-SON! WIL-SON! WIL-SON!")

Last year, Phish frontman Trey Anastasio suggested that the 12th Man up in Seattle adopt the chant to cheer starting quarterback Russell Wilson. The Seahawks went on to trounce the Broncos in the Super Bowl and Wilson landed a gig writing for Derek Jeter, so the chant seems to have worked out. 

Nats fans should hope they're onto something because their backs are against the wall as Bryce Harper and Co. head to San Francisco down two games to none.

[h/t Washington Post]