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Nelson Cruz and J.D. Martinez turned the Tigers-Mariners game into their own Home Run Derby

Comerica Park is a pretty large place. It's a whopping 420 feet to dead center field (the deepest in baseball, non-Tal's Hill Division), and has developed a reputation as a pitcher-friendly ballpark -- a place where only the strong can go yard. 

At least, those are things we believed to be true, until Nelson Cruz and J.D. Martinez made us question the very fabric of our existence during Tuesday's Mariners-Tigers game. In the top of the third, Cruz turned that notoriously deep center field into the equivalent of the fence in your backyard:

Cruz dinger

Statcast™ tracked that bad boy at a ridiculous 455 feet, and at its highest point it only got 70 feet off the ground. All of which would've been remarkable, until Martinez came up in the bottom of the third and decided to assault the poor guy out in the camera well:

JD Martinez dinger

Martinez took this round of ridiculous home run H-O-R-S-E -- Statcast™ tracked his blast at 467 feet (!), and those two dingers were the longest at Comerica this year. And now, to really drive home the point, here is a brief visual aid:



There's a reason why there's nothing but shrubbery out there, guys. It's not meant for baseballs. SOMEONE THINK OF THE LANDSCAPERS.