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The Mets had a fantastic time celebrating their NLCS sweep

Here's how the Mets celebrated their NLCS sweep

The Mets were one strike away from sweeping the Cubs. Jeurys Familia had battled Dexter Fowler through eight pitches when he reared back, launched a 98-mph fastball and then …


The Mets clinched the NLCS with an 8-3 victory and were headed to the World Series. Commence the losing of the minds:


It'd been 15 years since the team celebrated an NLCS victory, but it's not exactly rocket science. You simply go nuts.


Terry Collins made sure to thank the fans who came out to Wrigley...


Some of whom brought a flag that probably looked a bit too familiar to the Cubs.


Caps were tipped:


Babies were held, photos were snapped:


And NLCS MVP trophies were awarded to Daniel Murphy -- because who else?


Go ahead, New York. Celebrate. 

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