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Extreme baseball photographer puts cameras on bats, helmets and drones

When I want to take a picture from an extreme angle, I turn my phone on its side. When photographer Mike Escamilla wants a different point of view, he goes a bit further. For his photo essay Inside BaseballEscamilla photographed the Dodgers at Spring Training with help from a drone, some duct tape and a few other pieces of unusual hardware.

Asked not to distract the players, he "took the drone off in a nearby field, and flew over and shot [them]":


For this photo of Hanley Ramirez's swing, Escamilla duct taped a camera to an umpire's head: 


This shot of Scott Van Slyke was taken by a camera mounted a few inches off of the bat itself, using a u-shaped rod that was drilled right into the lumber: 


Check out more of Escamilla's photos over at the New York Times

Photos courtesy of The New York Times Magazine

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