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Nine ways to express your love for MLB besides #SmellBaseball

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Having recently signed a four-year, $55 million deal with the Twins, Ervin Santana had to explain his personal motto: Smell Baseball. 

But just like in a relationship with a human being, sometimes you need to change things up to keep it exciting. So if you've been smelling baseball for a while and are ready to try out something new, here's a few ways to show your baseball love: 

Kiss baseball



Cradle baseball



Bite baseball



With a tear streaming down your cheek, tenderly give baseball to another person because if you love something you have to let it go

open relationship


Write a short piece of flash fiction that features clever wit and rich characterization on baseball. By recontextualizing an object as high art, you are playfully toying with the audience's expectations.

Flash fiction


Hide from baseball



Rub baseball vigorously, like it's Lucky from "101 Dalmations" and you're trying to bring it back to life. 


101 dalmations


Perform levitating magic tricks with baseball. 



Realize that existence is merely an illusion and there is no such thing as baseball.