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No one was more excited about this Paul Goldschmidt home run than Senator John McCain

Former Republican presidential candidate and current senior Senator from Arizona John McCain III spent his Saturday night watching the Arizona Diamondbacks out-slug the Dodgers in Phoenix, despite Yasiel Puig bat-flipping his way to a 16-game hitting streak.

The game was less than typical, as one fan caught two home runs while the D-backs pulled out an 18-7 victory on the back of two Paul Goldschmidt homers. Of the Paul Goldschmidt homers, the first is clearly the best because it served as a catalyst for this response from Senator McCain:

John McCain

In case you missed that, here it is again:

John McCain

Finally, just to make sure we're all clear on this, here is Senator McCain's reaction to Paul Goldschmidt's first home run on Saturday:

John McCain

This is our new If we could all be half as jazzed as he is about a home run (that came when the D-backs were already winning to begin with), the world would be a much better place.