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No one will ever have a birthday party as fun as the Phanatic's

Phanatic celebrates birthday with mascot friends

Think about the most fun birthday party you've ever had. Really focus on it. Remember how delicious that cake tasted; remember how all of your best friends were there. Wasn't it great? Now accept the knowledge that no matter how amazing it was, it will never be as good as the Phanatic's birthday party.

That cake you loved so much pales in comparison to this:


And your best friends might be cool, but are they a football-playing eagle and what appears to be a rodeo ostrich?


Not only did other Philly-area mascots show up, the Phanatic's childhood friends from the Galapagos Islands came too. And they had moves -- well, except for the Phanatic's turtle buddy. He had a little trouble:


Even the party favors were amazing: 

So when your next birthday is coming up, ask the Phanatic's mom to plan it:


Because there ain't no party like a Phanatic party, because a Phanatic party has … whatever this is:


Seriously, Iggy the Iguana will make sure no one else gets the spotlight on your special day: 

Photos courtesy Alex Nolen /, Real-Time Correspondent.

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