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Noah Syndergaard has been practicing his snow angel form in New York sports stadiums

Do they get snow in Asgard? I only ask because it appears that Noah Syndergaard, who's actually from the Earth city of Mansfield, Texas, seems to be practicing his best snow angel form in anticipation of his first winter in New York.

Now that his season of mitt-busting fastballs is over, Syndergaard has toured the non-baseball sport offerings of the Tri-State area, snow angel-ing in every arena. It's good, too, because Syndergaard needed some practice.

He started off at a Knicks game much too stiff -- his legs straight out, like he was being dragged by his boots.

First time at the Garden!

A photo posted by Noah Syndergaard (@nsyndergaard) on

At a Rangers game, he learned to extend his arms:

I guess this is going to be a thing... #MSG

A photo posted by Noah Syndergaard (@nsyndergaard) on

Better, at the Meadowlands for a Giants game...

Alright... I guess this will be a thing #gogiants

A photo posted by Noah Syndergaard (@nsyndergaard) on

But his most recent, at an Islanders game, was by far his best attempt yet: 

Yay sports!

A photo posted by Noah Syndergaard (@nsyndergaard) on

That's snow angel form that would make Mr. Met proud.

So, not bad for a week of practice. At this rate, Syndergaard will be plenty ready to make perfect snow angels in Central Park, or Citi Field -- and he doesn't seem to be done yet.