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Nothing will disturb this serious Marlins fan's very serious thinking

Nothing disturbs serious Marlins fan's seriousness

There are lots of great reasons to attend a baseball game: To study it intricately and break the very game down to a granular level. To spend quality time with family and friends. To eat enormous food products that stretch the bounds of decency. 

It's also a great place to get in a good, deep think.The kind of think that involves an inward pondering of the universe and the physical properties that govern it. On Saturday, this fan arrived at the Orioles-Marlins game not just to watch some baseball, but to answer the deep questions of existence and/or "Was Tony Danza truly the boss?" and nothing -- not plays at the plate, extra-innings ejections or walk-off hits -- would stand in his way. 


And I do mean nothing. 


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