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Fenway Park played host to college football as Notre Dame took on Boston College

Fenway Park was host to Notre Dame on Saturday

If you're one of those people who has been filling the lack of baseball in your life with college football, you were in luck on Saturday. Because Notre Dame, whose classic golden helmets got a bit of an update for the day, took the field at Fenway Park to take on Boston College. 

And while there is always something weird about seeing a baseball field converted to football -- those hash marks looking like 1,000 odd foul lines -- the inclusion of the Red Sox font in the end zone just looks sharp. 

My only other request would have been that instead of the two teams wearing these uniforms, Boston College should have worn modified Red Sox uniforms, while Notre Dame should have honored one of the Indiana-based Minor League teams like the Fort Wayne Tin Caps. 

Oh yeah, and touchdowns should have been called home runs and fumbles, "errors."  

At least Notre Dame busted out some special Green Monster uniforms.  

And watching a leprachaun play catch is something I thought I'd only see in my dreams after eating chili too close to bedtime. 


In the end, Notre Dame and their monstrous uniforms were too good and they won, 19-16. Probably because of all those "home runs" they scored in the "outfield." 

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