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State Senators from New York and Illinois plan to let the NLCS settle the great pizza debate

The cities of New York and Chicago have a slightly deeper rivalry than what meets the eye. Yes, both have sporting rivals that are closer geographically -- Boston and St. Louis/Detroit/Green Bay -- but recall that one of Chicago's nicknames, the Second City, began as a comparison to the Big Apple. 

And then, of course, there's the pizza -- perhaps the most heated culinary debate in America.

Thankfully, the state legislatures of New York and Illinois have finally figured out a way to settle that great pizza debate: a friendly wager on the NLCS.

With the Mets taking on the Cubs (and currently holding a 2-0 series lead), New York State Senator Joe Addabbo and Illinois Senate president John Cullerton agreed to a deal wherein the losing team's legislature would be forced to wear the apparel of the winning team and eat its regional variety of pizza.

We'll refrain from delving too deep into the great pizza debate, except to say that both are delicious -- don't let an intercity squabble keep you from enjoying wonderful foods.

Nevertheless, if you feel compelled to weigh in, let us know your thoughts in the poll below: