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President Obama just compared a piece of legislation to Mike Trout

In each of the past two seasons, the AL MVP debate came down to a competition between two baseball forces: Miguel Cabrera's offensive dominance and Mike Trout's excellent all-around game.

That all-around game has apparently caught the attention of a certain DC-based White Sox fan.

On Friday, President Obama compared a piece of farming legislation to Trout, suggesting that both are particularly effective because of their versatility:

"Now, despite its name, the farm bill is not just about helping farmers. Secretary Vilsack calls it a jobs bill, an innovation bill, an infrastructure bill, a research bill, a conservation bill. It's like a Swiss Army Knife. It's like Mike Trout, for those of you who know baseball. It's somebody who's got a lot of tools and multitasks."

How about that? The leader of the free world casually dropped a reference to everyone's favorite five-tool player.

And his analysis of Trout is definitely spot on: