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Make-A-Wish Cop for the Day: #OfficerJalisha rescues St. Louis mascots, restores order in city

Make-a-wish and the Cardinals teamed up for a great day

Panic broke out in St. Louis on Thursday when the Cardinals beloved Fredbird was found missing:

City police were stuck and needed help finding Fredbird before the Cardinals' game against the Giants this weekend. So authorities reached out to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and recruited #OfficerJalisha:

Jalisha is currently battling end-stage renal disease and awaiting a kidney transplant, but her dream is to become a police officer. The 14-year-old did some quick training:

And was ready to go.

Reports quickly circled that the Rally Squirrel had taken Fredbird and two other city mascots hostage ... and he was holding a hot dog gun!

#OfficerJalisha rushed to the scene with a face any rodent (giant or not) would fear:


She freed the Blues, Rams and Cardinals mascots:

And apprehended the squirrel:


Just like #Batkid before her, #OfficerJalisha restored the city -- keeping citizens, and mascots, safe from harm. Thank you, Jalisha, and keep fighting the good fight.

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