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On Babe Ruth's 120th birthday, let him teach you how to swing

On Babe Ruth's b-day, let him teach you how to swing

Babe Ruth would be 120 years old Friday. That's a lot of years. An unimaginable amount of years, almost. And yet, even at 120, Ruth would have baseball wisdom beyond his years. 

If he were still alive, Ruth would be approaching a fifth-quarter life crisis. He would be the verifiably-oldest person currently living on Earth (116-year-old Misao Okawa currently holds that title) and only two years shy of the record of 122. He wouldn't be as old as Leandra Becerra Lumbreras, though, who claims to be 127 years old. We just hope Babe held onto his birth certificate.

But an age of 120 is exactly the kind of ridiculous number we expect from Ruth. He spent 22 years in professional baseball making a career out of absurd numbers. 

And we'd have a lot to learn from the 120-year-old Ruth. Even after 12 decades, we'd still be asking questions like this from a 1920s instructional video:


And the answer would still be:




Yep. Happy 120th, Babe.


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