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On Glenallen Hill's birthday, we remember the time he went on the DL after an imaginary spider attack

So you think bubble gum cutsacorns attacking eyes and dog-induced rugburn are strange injuries? Well, we see those (and any others you can think of) and raise you Glenallen Hill's "nightmarish" spider attack back in 1990.

Apparently, the former outfielder (then playing for the Blue Jays) had an extreme case of arachnophobia and on one terrifying night, the eight-legged creatures came after him in a dream. Hill, in a semiconscious state, jumped out of bed and ran into another room -- crashing through a glass table and suffering bruises on his feet, legs and elbows. He was placed on the 15-day DL the following day.

Afterwards, Hill claimed the episode was more related to stress and diet than his insect phobia:

Spiders just happened to be what I dreamt about that night. It could've been about a car that kept running over me. It could've been about ... you know, caterpillars."

Anyway, we want to wish Mr. Hill a very happy 47th, and hope that on this special day, all spiders leave him be. 

-- Matt Monagan /


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