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On Jay-Z's birthday, let's decide whether he made the Yankees hat more famous than a Yankee can

On Jay-Z's bday, we celebrate his Yankee fandom

Sean Carter was born Dec. 4th, 45 years ago today. Over the years, the Brooklyn-born rapper/entrepreneur/sports agent has remained at the forefront of the pop-culture landscape, and he's done so, for the most part, while sporting a Yankees cap. He even has a song claiming he's made the headwear more popular than any player can.

So, is Hova correct? Has his influence transcended some of the all-time Yankees greats? Let's review.

Has Derek Jeter ever looked this cool while wearing a Yankees hat inside Yankee Stadium? Questionable.



Was this the best cap/glasses combo in pinstripe history?



Where does Bey rank on the all-time Bombers bae list?



Good luck finding a sculpture of any former Yankees!



Finally, has there ever been a better Yankees World Series moment than Jay's in 2009?

Eh, maybe.

Please weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section.

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