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On Joe DiMaggio's 100th birthday, remember: 'He dunks'

A century has passed since Joe DiMaggio was born unto this Earth.

How best to remember Joltin' Joe on his 100th birthday? What's left to be said? There's his unbreakable 56-game hit streakhis tumultuous marriage to Marilyn Monroe, his memorable and illustrious Hall of Fame career with the Yankees -- he is a legend.

The man was memorialized by Billy Joel for a reason, after all.


And yet, 15 years after his death, there remains one tribute to DiMaggio that stands true and heartfelt, capturing his unwavering focus and indomitable spirit. It is a tribute that speaks to all and proves that, for his immortality on the diamond, Joe was just like us. It is the people's tribute to Joe DiMaggio.

"He dunks."