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This Orioles fan's name is, wait for it, Camden Yards

Video credit: Stephen Cashman / Real-Time Correspondent

I often wonder what my life would be like if I had a more interesting name than Michael. While there are hundreds of thousands of Michaels out there, who knows what kind of person I would have grown up to be if my parents named me something cool -- you know, like Sub-ZeroLump Beefbroth or Pilot Inspektor

There's one young fan who will never have to wonder such a thing: Camden Yards. Named by his baseball-loving parents, Camden is fortunately an Orioles-supporting young ballplayer. Can you just imagine how difficult his life would be if he was a Yankees fan? 

Yards does have some company out there. After all, there's a high school ballplayer whose name is Fenway Parks. Perhaps the two should start some kind of club.