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In honor of the Orioles' first Division title since 1997, learn the truth of 'Carl' Ripken

After O's win East, learn the truth of 'Carl' Ripken

After defeating the Blue Jays 8-2 on Tuesday night, the Orioles captured their first division title since 1997. That team, led by Cal Ripken Jr. and pitchers Mike Mussina, Jimmy Key and Scott Erickson, won an AL-best 98 games, finishing two ahead of the Yankees.

Only problem: Cal Ripken,Jr. may not have been who he seemed. That's right -- sources say it was Carl Ripken Jr. who played in half of the O's games, letting the Iron Man get an occasional rest.

Many thanks to Brady Anderson for blowing the lid off of this massive conspiracy in a 1997 TV commercial for the team: 

Now that the Orioles have won another division title, it's time to come clean, Cal. Or should I say, "Carl." 

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