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Red Sox outfielder Quintin Berry can't quite #GetBeard

Video: Ian Kay /

The American League Champion Red Sox love them some beards, but that begs the question: what do you do if you can't grow one?

Outfielder Quintin Berry is dealing with that very issue right now.

"My momma did it to me," Berry said of his feeble facial follicles. "I can't grow it, man, I'm sorry."

Berry tried, but his efforts were ultimately unsuccessful, resulting in, "four or five [hairs] coming out on this side and I had, like, six on this side. And it just -- it wasn't helping."

But with beards like "Ironsides" and "The Wolf" just a few steps away in the dugout, do the other Red Sox ever rag on him about his babyface?

 "They just want me to keep the little moustache that I got -- trim that up, and they said that works."