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Michael Taylor's homer was the longest of the year, but this one might be even more epic

In the bottom of the second inning of Thursday's Phillies-Marlins matchup, Marcell Ozuna hit a towering two-run home run.


It was the second Marlins dinger that inning and put the team up, 8-1. It was Ozuna's first home run at Marlins Park this season and -- WHOA, WHOA, WHOA. Wait a minute. Where did that ball hit?


Hol-ey mo-ley (holy Melvin Mora?). That's like William Tell shooting an apple off his son's head, if his son were a hundred feet tall. We may very well have just witnessed the trick-shot home run of the year ...

... on the same night we witnessed the longest home run of the season so far: Michael Taylor's 493-foot (!!) two-run homer against the Rockies that Statcast™ pegged as the farthest-traveled baseball this year -- topping Nelson Cruz  by a solid 10 feet

So, that's one home run that landed, somehow, someway, on top of a 90-foot-high pole and one that was hit so far it deserves its own road trip movie. Anyone else's minds feel a bit blown?