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Padres callup and professional actor Cody Decker hosted the team's pregame show

Cody Decker hosts Padres' pregame show

It was a big day Wednesday for Padres infielder Cody Decker. Not just because he got to host the team's Padres Social Hour, which leads into the team's pregame show on Fox Sports San Diego.

But because Decker got his first big league paycheck.

"That was awesome. I looked at my bank account and for the first time it didn't have negative numbers," Decker said. "It had commas."

Decker, 28, was promoted to the big leagues for the first time in his professional career on Sept. 14 after spending seven seasons in the Minor Leagues.

On Wednesday, he got to host -- that's right, sit in the big chair -- Padres Social Hour, where he turned the tables on the team's director of content, Jesse Agler, and Bill Center, a former sports writer for UT-San Diego who now works for the team.

Decker hustled from the end of batting practice to the clubhouse to put on his home white uniform before racing to the set of the show. Once there, he made Agler, Center and a small gathering of fans crack-up with his oddball and often offbeat sense of humor.

Decker did sound a little disappointed that bench coach Dave Roberts would not be joining the show as planned.

"But my line of questioning was probably going to get me fired," Decker said.

Decker, who is still looking for his first big league hit after five at-bats, said he would like nothing more than for that to happen this weekend when the team concludes the regular season at Dodger Stadium.

Decker, a Los Angeles native who attended UCLA, has but one dream. And no, it's not getting that first hit (well, that's another dream).

"I've always wanted to have one at-bat where Vin Scully announces," he said.

Decker, who has done some acting in the offseason, including a role in the NBC show "State of Affairs," where he was a security mall guard who was killed in an explosion, was asked by Center what he could do next since that role can no longer be, well, resituated.


Center: "Once they blow you up, you're done!"

Decker: "You sir have obviously never seen RoboCop!"

Watch the whole episode of Wednesday's Padres Social Hour below: 

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