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Royals superfan Paul Rudd was at Citi Field to witness Kansas City's World Series win

The Royals clinched their first World Series title in 30 years in New York on Sunday night, but they were not alone -- plenty of the Kansas City faithful made the trek east, including some of the team's most notable fans (and former players). Actor Paul Rudd, for example, was stoked to see his Royals win it all in person.

Here he is in mid-celebration:

"It's so super exciting and, you know, it's, uh … it's kind of overwhelming, I mean really. The Royals just won the World Series. I'm super psyched for Kansas City."

And what's his lasting memory of Game 5?

"I mean, I've got about 20 of them."

Watch the video above for more of Rudd's thoughts on the Royals' championship.