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Pedro Martinez once spent a Minor League paycheck on a Reggie Jackson autograph

Pedro bought Jackson autograph with MiLB paycheck

One of the greatest parts of the Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2015 is that it has awarded us the opportunity to listen to world-class pitcher and general hilarious person Pedro Martinez speak on a variety of subjects.

During Wednesday's official Hall of Fame introductory press conference, Petey opined about his obsession with the history of America's pastime. He recounted his first trip to Cooperstown (when he was still just a young Expo) and told of marveling at the old-timey equipment of Babe Ruth and Co.

But the highlight came when Pedro told the story of his first Class A callup to Bakersfield, Calif., and how he crashed a charity auction to spend a Minor League paycheck on a Reggie Jackson autograph:

Now his Jheri-curled mug is going to hang in the same hallowed Hall as Mr. October. It's easy to see why he was beaming throughout the press conference.

While Pedro's Reggie Jackson confession stands out, he also reflected on his time in New York, both as a Red Sox starter and, later, a Met:

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