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Watch Pedro Martinez teach a young Jay Baruchel how to pitch while with the Expos

Watch Pedro Martinez teach Jay Baruchel how to pitch

When one wants to learn how to play baseball, the first answer is usually dear old Mom or Dad. And while they mean well, that's how one tends to get nonsencial tips that sound more like proverbs: "You want your shoulder to lead and your heart to push," or, "Make sure both feet are well within the bounds of your intentions." 

So if you're given the option of training under Pedro Martinez, you usually take it. That's what Jay Baruchel, the future star of films and TV shows like like "This is the End," and "Undeclared," got while hosting Popular Mechanics for Kids. Younger me (and really, current me) is insanely jealous. 

Skip to the 17:00 mark to see Pedro show off his fastball grip and how he warms up before games. Though my favorite moment is when Pedro just kind of shows up from off-screen. It's got all the benchmarks of awkward childen's infotainment television at its finest. 

(h/t r/baseball