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Cubs send Pedro Strop on a tropical vacation ... to his locker

Carrie Muskat/

Pedro Strop has earned his keep for the Cubs this season. Strop's maintained a 2.95 ERA -- including a 2.84 split since the All-Star break -- and amassed 26 holds for the Cubbies in 72 appearances, the second-highest total in MLB. On Saturday, Strop earned his third save of the season when Addison Russell made a nifty stop on a ball up the middle.


To thank Strop for his service, production and, um, enthusiasm, the Cubs decided to send their setup man on a tropical vacation ... to his locker.

When Strop walked into the Cubs clubhouse on Sunday, he was met with a beach chair set up in a kiddie pool that was filled with sand. There were even a few tropical beverages waiting for him.

Strop pitched well against the Cards (who've had his number this season) and Joe Maddon and Co. are in the middle of a hunt to bring postseason baseball back to the North Side. We're guessing Strop is thoroughly enjoying his relaxing day off.