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Peter Pan Lived, and played baseball, too

Peter Pan Lived, and played baseball, too

Finally done with your #PeterPanLive hate tweets? Good, because you're going to want to pay full attention to the news that I'm about to tell you. 

Not only was Peter Pan real, but he was a ballplayer, too. After leaving Neverland and returning to our world, Pan joined up with the boys of summer for one magical season in 1948 (although he did have to come up with an assumed name so that Captain Hook's cronies couldn't track him down). 

Don't believe me? Just check out his Baseball-Reference page


Of course no one knows anything about Pantos! He's a magical flying imp from an ageless dimension!

Though he did only hit .175 with no HRs in 114 AB for the Green Bay Blue Jays (a former Phillies affiliate) and Salina Blue Jays (Indians) in 1948.

Baseball is hard. Even for people who can fly.