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The Phanatic tried to intimidate the Dodgers into giving him his car keys back

Phanatic tries to be intimidating to get his keys

When someone steals the keys to your vehicle and is taunting you with them, it helps to be intimidating -- to try and strong-arm your way into getting them back, while striking the fear into your tormenter's heart that he messed with the wrong guy. When Enrique Hernandez swiped the keys to the Phanatic's four-wheeler ahead of Thursday's Dodgers-Phillies matchup, the normally jovial mascot tried his best to scare Hernandez into giving them back.

And let's be real: The Phanatic is certainly capable of being intimidating. He's 6-foot-6, 300 pounds (mostly fat) of a species who may very well have some sort of secret hulk-like strength we don't yet know about. He is a slayer of Mouse Kings, and he rolls with a crew that literally eats people whole.


So, when he realized he'd been burgled, the Phanatic dropped to the ground to show what kind of hurt might be coming Hernandez's way if he didn't return the keys pronto.


It worked, sort of. The Phanatic eventually got his keys back -- though less intimidating was his complaining that he was going to be late.


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