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Watch the Phanatic try to finish a Spartan Race at Citizens Bank Park

Phanatic tries Spartan Race at Citizens Bank Park

The Phanatic is a creature of many talents: He's a thespian, a comedian, a troll, a college football analyst, an edible projectile expert ... and an athlete?

Beneath that furry green belly that shakes and wiggles to the beat of the stadium music must be an eight-pack of rock-hard abs because the Phanatic recently completed a Spartan Race at Citizens Bank Park.

The Phillies are hosting their third annual Spartan Race on Saturday and the Phanatic got a bit of a head start, scaling walls and swinging on ropes as he moved through the course that makes use of existing structures and features obstacles created especially for the event.



OK, so maybe the Phanatic could stand to take a CrossFit class or 12. Still, though, pretty solid effort considering his belly is big enough to be used as a prop during dance numbers:


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