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Phanatic goes full Gallagher, smashes Mets helmet to smithereens

Phanatic smashes Mets helmet to smithereens

The Phanatic is a mysterious green being with a vast spectrum of skills. He'll beat you in a dance-off, race you to a foul ball, shoot his hot dog cannon with impeccable accuracy and get into the heads and under the skin of the Phillies opponents.

Apparently, the Phanatic also fancies himself a props comic because he went full Gallagher during Tuesday night's game against the Mets. The Phanatic donned a tux and busted an old schtick -- which used to particularly enrage Dodgers legend Tommy Lasorda -- when he used a dirt tamper to smash a Mets batting helmet into smithereens:

He even did it to Frank Sinatra's Big Apple anthem, "New York, New York" just to really rub it in the Mets' face. (They got him back by scoring three runs the next inning.)

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